FLX – Visual Programming IDE App

FLX – Visual Programming IDE is an Android application for developing and running small applications or scripts on your Android mobile phone. FLX applications are written using an easy to use FLX visual programming language which is syntactically similar to Kotlin but under the hood is based on a Lisp variant – called FLX Lisp.

Here is a short introduction video about using FLX app to create a simple application that uses the HTTP API to request a joke and implements a UI for displaying the received joke:

The applets developed with FLX can:

  • Have a UI screen defined using FLX’s visual programming language [Creating UIs].
  • Make HTTP requests to web APIs [HTTP API]
  • Act as MQTT Clients and connect to a MQTT Broker [MQTT API]
  • Trigger your IFTTT services via IFTTT Web Hooks [Tips]
  • Read and write files [File API]
  • Create, manipulate, and consume JSON data [JSON API]
  • Utilise Android platform and device APIs [Android API]
  • Use Android sensors [Sensors API]
  • Use markup in UI based on Markwon library
  • Use image, icon, and audio resources [Applet Resources]
  • Define arbitrary logic using extensive set of built-in functions including functions for string manipulation, arithmetic computations, control flows, collection manipulation, etc. [Control Flows]
  • Use Java classes and methods via Java’s [Reflection API]
  • Define new reusable functions which extent the FLX language either by using:
  • And much more …

New projects can be created from built-in templates or from exported projects. Developed projects and code libraries can be exported and imported, and shared.

FLX provides an extensive set of built-in functions and components, but users are encouraged to request new functions and APIs to be included into future versions.

The visual code editor of FLX has many advanced and easy to use editing features for developing applets. The web site for FLX app provides useful tips for using the app.

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