Android API

FLX app provides selected parts of the Android Platform API. The Android API will be extended in future releases based on requested features.

Android API Functions

Copies the given form as a String* representation to Android’s system clipboard.

  • form – an Any object

Returns the current Activity.

Returns: an Activity

Return the Resources of the current Activity.

Returns: a Resources

Opens the default Photos application.

Pastes a String from the Android’s system clipboard.

Returns: a String

Start an Activity with the given activityClass and optional parameters which are provided as a Map containing key-value pairs. The Map instance is converted to a Bundle and assigned to Intent created for starting the Activity

  • activityClass – a String containing a fully qualified class name
  • param – optional parameters as a Map

Returns: Null

Converts the given map to a Bundle.

  • map – a Map

Returns: a Bundle

Vibrates for the duration of given *milliseconds.

  • milliseconds – a Numberspecifying the duration in milliseconds