Running Applets

Applet projects can be run by click the Run Action on the Navigation Bar (see below). If the applet implements a UI as one or more screens, the UI is shown. For instance, the Calculator demo applet looks like this when launched:

  1. The screen defined in Calculator applet project.
  2. Run Action to start execution of an applet project.
  3. Pause Action to pause the execution of an applet project.
  4. Stop Action to stop execution of an applet project.
  5. Restart Action to restart the execution. Restarting resets the FLX VM used to execute the applet.

Checking Project Validity

Before running a project, is it possible to validate the project. Only a valid project can be used to generate the runtime for project execution. Each started project is automatically validated for detecting possible errors. If any errors are found they are shown for the user.

  1. Save Button to save the project to file system.
  2. Check Action to check the validity of the project.
  3. View Log Action to launch the log console. The content for log console is produced by logging functions, e.g. Log.i(message) or Log.d(message).
  4. Code line headers are used to indicate validity. A green header means that the code contained by the line is valid. If there are error, red color is used and the forms containing errors are indicated using using red markers.

Logs Console

  1. Log functions producing the log entries.
  2. Logs Console View displaying the log entries.
  3. Clear Log Action to clear all the log entries from the logs.
  4. Copy Logs Action to copy the content of the Log View to system clipboard.