FLX – Visual Programming is an Android application for developing and running small applications and scripts called applets in an Android mobile phone. Applets are written using a visual FLX language which has syntax and functions similar to Kotlin. Applets can be developed using a large set of built-in functions, data types, selected Android APIs (e.g. Sensor API) and APIs like HTTP and JSON. Applets may also feature UI screens implemented using the same visual FLX language.

Main Features

FLX has the following main features witch can be selected from the applications navigation drawer:

  1. Projects: Each applet is developed as an applet project using the visual code editor to define the functionality and UI of the applet.
  2. Repository: Applets can use images and audio resources. Visual code can be saved as code snippets for later reuse. Audio resources, image resources, and code snippets are managed using the Repository feature.
  3. Quickstart Guide for getting started.
  4. Store: FLX provides in-app purchases, such as extensions and new features.
  5. About: About information, open source license information, web site links, and feedback options.
  6. EULA – End user License Agreement