The runtime of Visual FLX language is based on FLX Lisp. FLX app does not feature anymore the FLX REPL starting from app version 1.2.10.

FLX REPL is now available as a standalone, open sourced app in Github: flx-lisp

FLX REPL can be used to play and experiment with FLX List. The UI for the REPL is depicted below.

  1. FLX Lisp Console displaying the inputted expressions, evaluation results, and possible error messages.
  2. Expression Input promp for typing a FLX List Expression.
  3. Clear Input Button to clear the current input text.
  4. Restart Lisp Virtual Machine.
  5. Clear FLX List Console.
  6. Show Previous evaluated expression.
  7. Show Next evaluated expression.
  8. Copy the contents of FLX Lisp Console to system clipboard.