Applet Projects

Each FLX applet is developed in its own project. Projects are created and managed in Applet Projects feature. The main UI elements on this feature are the following:

Projects List

  1. Project Actions Button: Click this button to get the Project Action Bottom Sheet (see below).
  2. Expand/Collapse Button: Click this to toggle the Project Info View to be visible/hidden.
  3. Project Info View displays the description of the project, created date, and updated date.
  4. Alphabetic Order Button: The projects list ordered in ascending alphabetic order.
  5. Recents Order Button: The projects list is ordered by the updated date.

Project Creation

To create a new project click the FAB (Floating Application Button) on the Applet Projects screen. This is will bring visible additional FABs:

  1. Import Project FAB: Project can be imported from ZIP-based archive files (an IAP feature).
  2. New Project FAB: To create a new Applet Project click this button.
  3. Toggle FAB: Toggles project creation FABs to be visible/hidden.

New Project Dialog

  1. Project Template Dropdown Menu: Select the template for creating a new project (see below).
  2. Name Text Input: Define the name of the project.
  3. Description Text Input for providing an optional description of the project.
  4. Create & Save Project Button: Creates a project and saves it to the file system. This button is enabled when the given project name is valid. Once the project is created click on it to start developing it.

Project Actions

Click the Project Actions Button (see above) to show the Project Actions Bottom Sheet.

  1. Open applet project: Select to edit the project. Projects can be also opened for editing by simply clicking on its item on the Projects List.
  2. Edit project info: Edit the project’s name or description (see below).
  3. Copy applet project: It is possible to copy an entire project and rename it.
  4. Add applet widget to home screen: It is possible to create a shortcut link on Android’s home screen to directly launch an applet (an IAP feature).
  5. Export applet project: A project can be exported as a zip-based archive file (an IAP feature).
  6. Delete applet project: A project can be deleted. Deletion is confirmed with a confirmation dialog, because deleting can not be undone.

Edit Project Info

Project’s name and description can be edited.

  1. Name Text Input: Edit project name.
  2. Description Text Input: Edit project description.
  3. Save Button: Save changes.
  4. Cancel Button: Cancel editing.