Support for IFTTT Added

FXL applets can now use IFTTT Webhooks service to trigger other services provided via IFTTT such as controlling smart home devices or you Android phones. FLX provides tools for building UIs for using IFTTT enabled services. See the description of the FLX’s IFTTT API in Tips.


A new beta version 0.9.5 of FLX – Visual Pocket Coding app has been released on Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

This version includes fixes to issues found by beta users and also extensions to Widget API, such as new widgets (CheckBox, FormRenderer, RadioButton, RadioGroup, Slider, and Switch). FormRenderer is a specific widget, mostly for demonstration purpose, which renders a given FLX literal, say (+ 1 (* 2 3)), to a corresponding visual FLX form component. The core computational language of FLX app is a lisp variant called FLX Lisp.

There is also a new project template Widgets Demo that showcases all the FLX widgets and how to use them.

FLX Widgets Demo