FLX 1.2.4 and MQTT Client

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FLX v1.2.4 has been released. This “minor” release contains a lot of new features, extensions, improvements, and a new project template: MQTT Client with UI. The new applet project template provides a starting point for implementing custom MQTT client applets. This fully functional sample applet implements a MQTT client UI that consists of three screens:

  1. Settings Screen: for establishing a connection to a MQTT Broker
  2. Messages Screen: for viewing the messages received for subscribed topics.
  3. Publish Screen: for publishing messages under defined topics.

Users can use the template as a starting point for creating a custom MQTT clients. Here are screenshots from the MQTT client applet:

Over 1700 Material Icons as Built-in Resources

FLX 1.2.4 includes now over 1700 material design icons as built-in resources (the outlined version). These are the same icons that developers use in Android Studio. FLX 1.2.4 also provide a totally new Icon Picker bottom sheet with search function to use this large collection of icons:

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