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FLX v1.2.3 released today has support for creating MQTT clients with fully customisable UIs. FLX includes a new MQTT API based on Eclipse Paho MQTT library. With this new API it is possible to create your own MQTT clients that can:

  • Create connections to MQTT Brokers
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe arbitrary topics
  • Receive messages for the subscribed topics
  • Publish messages via a connected broker for defined topics

FLX v1.2.3 includes a simple MQTT demo which uses HiveMQ’s Public MQTT Broker. The demo is provided as a project template. FLX v1.2.4 will have a more advanced MQTT client demo with a UI consisting of three UI screens:

  1. Settings Screen: Setting up a broker connections and subscribed topics
  2. Received messages screen: Displays all the messages received for subscribed topics
  3. Publishing screen: For sending messages to the selected topics

Unlike any existing MQTT Client App available for Android, A MQTT client implemented with FLX is fully customisable UI and logic wise:

  • Implement your own automated re-connect policy
  • Write logic using visual connect to utilise any API provided in FLX: HTTP API, IFTTT API, File API, Android Sensors API
  • Implement desired UI consisting of any number of UI screens and by using large set of UI widgets:
    • Button and clickable Icon or Image
    • Text, MarkupText and TextField (input)
    • RadioButton and RadioButtonGroup
    • CheckBox
    • Spinner
    • Switch
    • Slider
    • List
    • BottomSheet (modal)
    • Layouts: Row, Column, Stack, Center, ScrollView

Some screenshots for MQTT related code:

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